Guyana Girls Academy 

         In order to reach our goal and fulfill our mission statement, the GGA looks to create multiple events that will help educate, train, and develop the girls football community in Guyana. For the most part, these events must remain fluid to adapt with the changes in time, culture, sport, and weather.

          The GGA Camps are designed to giving young girls a technical, tactical, physical, and mental introduction to the game of football and advance the skills of experienced female footballers. These camps allow young girls to experience the GGA program and culture in order to build a love for the game. As a professional program, these camps feature both local and international professional coaches in a safe, fun, and professional environment.

​          The GGA Friendlies are designed to allow our girls to get game experience in a controlled environment! The GGA Friendlies are small-sided games over the course of one day which allows girls to play football in a girls only environment. This is to not only allow new girls to play football, but to give girls a more consistent opportunity to play football. As this is not a tournament, there are no winners and losers. All girls will be recognized for their participation.

​          The GGA Showcases are tournaments featuring GGA teams. These matches allow GGA players and coaches from across Guyana to come together to test their current level of development and see where they rank against the rest of the GGA program.

​          The GGA Coaches Workshops are designed to bring coaches of female footballers together in an effort to unify them for the good of the game and their players.  In these workshops coaches review and discuss technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects of the game in order to better serve their players.  Coaches will hear from other coaches as well as watch sessions run by professional coaches both local and international.